Engineering A Better Sanitizer

Traditional cleaning methods aren’t cutting it for us anymore. They have harsh chemicals and require constant re-application. Enter Zoono, changing the conversation about how we keep our daily lives clean. With innovative technology and a commitment to safety, Zoono changes the way you stay germ-free.

We are committed to providing the best defense against germs on the market. Our products are rigorously tested for effectiveness, efficacy, and safety. Everything we do starts with our customers

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”We are changing the way you stay germ-free”

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Germ Free For 24H

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Germ Free For 30 Days

Zoono put to the Test

We had regular people use Zoono on one hand and left their other hand unprotected and had them live their normal lives. We then measured the results frequently throughout the day. The amount of contaminants that Zoono protects you from is literally off the charts!

Innovative Technology

Zoono kills germs by creating a Defensive Shield of antimicrobial nano-spikes that destroys germs on contact. Because Zoono destroys by puncturing the pathogens, it is efficient and prevents mutation of germs.

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The Best Technology For Fighting
Germs and Nothing Else Is Close


"This past year, when that dangerous flu, h2n3, was going around, it seemed like every kid in my son's school caught it. Except my son. I used this religiously on him and we all dodged that bullet. Not to mention I hated constantly having to tell him to wash his hands. With Zoono it was no longer a problem. I swear by this stuff. Thank you, Zoono!!!"

Michelle M.

via Facebook

"I LOVE Zoono ❤️❤️!! I was so nervous about traveling/ flying and being in Disney but was able to use so many of the products to help stay healthy! THANK YOU!"

Tara Scarpa

"Being a nurse practitioner, cancer patient and immune compromised, I am thrilled about this product for me and my family! The viruses this year are terrible, trust me! Anything to prevent us from getting sick... And germy hands are the number 1 culprit. Wish I knew about this product sooner."


Little Silver

"My hands have cracks from traditional hand sanitizer and constant washing but Zoono leaves my hands silky smooth."


Robbinsville, NJ

"With two kids, I'm always busy with school and extracurricular activities. My oldest daughter takes ballet 6 days a week and unfortunately, a room full of young girls is a breeding ground for germs. Knowing that GermFree24 works all day to protect her, helps keep my mind at ease."


San Diego, California

"I can have my kids apply it before school and be protected all day - no need to nag them about applying hand sanitizer all day long."

Dr. Clemente

Rumson, NJ

"Washing your hands and using traditional hand sanitizers only works until you touch the next thing. Germfree24 protects all day long with one application which is why I recommend it to my patients, family and friends. "

Dr. Clemente

Rumson, NJ

Long Lasting Protection

Committed to providing continuous protection. Zoono keeps you germ-free with just one application because Zoono creates a protective shield. Apply to skin for 24-hour protection and to surfaces for 30-day protection.

Gentle on Everything

The active ingredient in Zoono is less toxic than vitamin C which makes our products a safe and effective way to battle germs.

Germs Don’t Stand a Chance!

Zoono has been tested on many surfaces against numerous pathogens and Zoono has the technology to destroy all of them. From fungi, algae, and molds to bacteria and viruses, Zoono has you covered.


Interested in learning more about the pathogens Zoono protects against and supporting research?

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