To improve environmental hygiene conditions today, professionals have two choices:
1. Increase the potency of the products they use
2. Increase the frequency of use

Both options have toxicity, cost and labor issues but only can deliver a marginal impact to the resulting hygienic state.
A lot of pain for very little gain.

“More of the same is not the answer”

The goal of any environmental hygiene program is to break the cycle of infection. At Zoono, we believe this is best accomplished by increasing the intervals where surfaces are “germ free” or in other worlds by delivering “Persistent Efficacy”.

Environmental hygiene professionals can apply adequate amounts of disinfectant, accurately monitor contact time, apply prescribed force (friction) to remove microbes and yet germ transmission remains a chronic problem.

Experts who study this subject conclude: this is, and will remain, the case as long as the current best practices use 19 th century products and practices to solve for the unique characteristics of 21 st century challenges (including SuperBugs).

There is broad awareness of these issues and more tools are available but significant gains in environmental hygiene remain elusive. More of the same is not the answer. Increasing frequency of disinfection with the attendant increase in labor, product and the practicality of this level of increased activity is not a viable solution (85% of the cost is the labor).

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What is needed is products that work well and last longer, obviating the need for
constant reapplication.

With current technologies, the hygienic
state of any surface is intermittent

“Persistent Efficacy” is the Goal and
Zoono Delivers

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The secret we believe lies in the extending an elevated high-hygiene interval. Currently disinfectants and hand sanitizers only kill germs when they are wet. This, by definition, means they are only in an elevated state of hygiene for only a few minutes and then, life intrudes and the process of contamination and recolonization resumes. With Zoono on hands and surfaces, the interval is extended for 30 days on surfaces and up to 24 hours on hands. With the persistent efficacy Zoono delivers, your personnel are continuously protected, translating into healthier employees, less absenteeism, quantitatively fewer pathogens on hands even with current hand hygiene compliance and ultimately, fewer HAI’s. Combined with the application of the surface product, protected hands contact fewer surface based pathogens resulting in a marked decrease in overall germ transmission.

The implications of a Zoono application protocol will have initial bottom line cost implications as this will be additive to your current practices and policies. Cleaning and disinfecting will still need to be carried out. Hands must still be washed and staff should follow CDC guidelines for proper hand hygiene.

However, in time, the arsenal of products currently in use can be evaluated based on the more persistently hygienic conditions achieved with the use of Zoono and intelligent decisions can be made to optimize the need and volume of use of traditional cleaning / disinfecting products.

Ultimately, a more persistently hygienic environment means less need to repeat the application of disinfectants on surfaces, less labor is required to apply them and ultimately less deterioration of treated surfaces as they are not subject to the frequency of exposure to caustic chemicals.

Read more about it here – Zoono Company Profile

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What does this mean to my facility?

It means three things:

Ensuring Consistently Hygienic Environment - Business

Ensuring Consistently Hygienic Environment

We think of it like “Hygiene preservation” – By applying a protective layer of Zoono on your clean surfaces you are ensuring they stay cleaner, germ-free longer with no gaps in hygiene, reducing the probability that your employees will contract infection at work.

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Reducing Costs

The perpetual challenge is to reduce costs while improving outcomes. By adding a once monthly treatment of Zoono to your current best practices, you will be able to measurably improve the state of hygiene of your facility. Once accomplished, you ca optimize the mix of products and labor to apply them whereby reducing costs while delivering a higher sustained level of hygiene.
Staff Health Well being and Absenteeismm - Business

Staff Health, Well-being and Absenteeism

If employees are out sick, they are not able to contribute to your success. It also puts additional burden on the remaining staff which impacts their performance. Additionally, if their work environment isn’t in the best condition, they may feel unappreciated which can also impact their output. Protect your most valuable asset and make sure their work environment reflects your commitment to them and their personal well being.

Germs Don’t Stand a Chance!

Zoono has been tested on many surfaces against numerous pathogens and Zoono has the technology to destroy all of them. From fungi, algae, and molds to bacteria and viruses, Zoono has you covered.


Interested in learning more about the pathogens Zoono protects against and supporting research?

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