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Zoonotica® is the equine-specific manifestation of the unique Zoono® technology — a non-toxic water-based antimicrobial formula that provides long-lasting protection against harmful germs.
Applying Zoonotica® on stalls, tack, grooming equipment, transport vehicles and equine skin will drastically reduce your beloved horses’ exposure to the ill effects of germs.


Unlike traditional antimicrobial technologies that seek to kill germs by poisoning them or dehydrating them, Zoonotica® imparts a layer of molecular “pins” that permanently bonds to any surface, providing a protective barrier against any pathogen that is subject to lysis (the disintegration of a cell by rupture of the cell wall or membrane).

By creating a defensive, antimicrobial layer at a nanoscale (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter), Zoonotica® not only works differently than traditional disinfectants, it also works consistently over a protracted period of time, controlling germs over 100 times longer than conventional technologies!

The Zoonotica® technology is proven effective for up to 30 days on a surface and 24 hours on skin. In addition to its unmatched persistent efficacy, Zoonotica® is compatible with other sanitation regimens in the equine arena, it can be used to augment current practices, providing a long lasting residual efficacy that traditional sanitizers cannot offer.


Zoonotica® can be applied as a mist, as a spray, brushed onto a surface or used as a dip. It does not require mixing and is safe to handle and store. When the Zoonotica® application dries, the nanomolecular coating forms a very strong bond with the treated surface. It can be likened to having millions of sword-shaped “road spikes” on the surface – each of which will attract, pierce and either kill or inactivate the pathogen, just like a pin popping a balloon. Because it does not diminish in strength in relation to the number of pathogens killed, the Zoono® molecule (the Zoono® “Sword”) is capable of attacking new bacteria cells again and again – with only a single application. And because it does not kill the pathogen by poisoning with toxic chemicals, germs cannot adapt to it so there is no possibility of immunity developing (i.e., no mutation or possibility of superbugs).

Note: Independent supporting third party lab data available upon request.


The active ingredient in Zoonotica® is less toxic than Vitamin C, the oral vitamin supplement (as measured on an LD50 basis). So unlike other products that control germs, Zoonotica® is effective, long lasting and virtually non-toxic.

Zoono® has been successfully tested against a variety of equine pathogens including: Staph, E.coli, herpes, Salmonella, C. Diff, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, H1N1, Norovirus, plus many more.

Importantly, given the genetic similarity between human and equine pathogens and the “physical” method of microbial dispatch, a strong positive effectiveness correlation can be made to Zoono’s efficacy against a broad spectrum of equine pathogens.

  • Water-based
  • Long shelf life – 3 years
  • Ready to use – no mixing, no risk of introducing contaminants
  • FDA approved and EPA registered
  • Non-leaching / environmentally safe
  • Nonflammable / safe to use & store
  • Non-staining
  • Noncorrosive
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-toxic (active ingredient less toxic than Vitamin C)
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