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Hand sanitizers play a big role in keeping us healthy, especially during cold and flu season. People rely on these cleaners when soap and warm water are not available. With antibacterial/antimicrobial products coming in all shapes, sizes, and scents, people find it convenient to use them! However, there are some common misconceptions that are important to clear up.

Let’s review some of the most common myths and what you can really expect.

Myth: Hand sanitizers are all the same.
Fact: Hand sanitizers are NOT all the same. There are many different formulas.

You would be surprised by how many hand sanitizing formulas exist. Most hand sanitizers either use alcohol or chemicals to either dehydrate or kill germs.  Zoono’s GermFree 24 Foam Hand Sanitizer uses antimicrobial technology that forms a protective barrier of molecular pins on the surface of your skin to physically kill germs. Because it doesn’t use alcohol or chemicals to kill germs, it doesn’t dry out your hands like alcohol based solutions and it is safe to use unlike those solutions that use chemicals. This formula is one-of-a-kind, to the point that it protects the hands for 24 hours.

Myth: Hand sanitizers protect against germs.
Fact: Hand sanitizer acts as a disinfectant when applied and the moment that it dries on your hands, bacteria begins to form again, which causes germs.

Hand sanitizers don’t completely protect against germs. Instead, they act as a disinfectant. They can help prevent germs, but once the sanitizer dries, germs form again. Because of this, it is a smart idea to choose washing your hands over using hand sanitizer when possible. If you do not have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer is a good substitute because it kills most (but not all) bacteria on contact.

Myth: Hand sanitizers dry out the skin.
Fact: Formulation matters. Many hand sanitizers will NOT cause dry skin.

Again, it’s important to choose the right formula of hand sanitizer, as some can aggravate the skin. Stick to products that are dermatologically tested and free of toxins and alcohol.  Zoono Hand Sanitizer stays on for 24 hours and it doesn’t dry out the skin. This is because Zoono doesn’t rely on alcohol to kill germs. Also, since the product is water-based instead, it actually leaves hands soft and moisturized.

Myth: A quick pump of hand sanitizer is enough to kill germs.
Fact: Like hand washing, hand sanitizer requires proper technique.

As you know, washing your hands requires you to use warm water and soap for 20 seconds. Antibacterial products also requires a similar technique. Follow the directions on the bottle, though sometimes this amount is underestimated. The World Health Organization recommends taking a palmful and not a dime sized drop. Rub your palms together, scrub between your fingers, and make sure your entire hand is covered. This should take about 20 seconds, just like hand washing. Let the sanitizer dry on your hands.

For the best protection for you and your family, use Zoono GermFree24 Foam Hand Sanitizer. It’s dermatologically tested. Better yet, it relies on antimicrobial technology to kill germs – never alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Click here for more information.

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