Being the Best Parent You Can Be

When we have kids, we want to be the best parent we can be. Looking out for your kids by ensuring their favorite toys aren’t covered in germs is a great step toward being the best parent you can be. Germs, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses can all live on toys for long periods of time. When your kids share their toys with others, new germs are transmitted onto your child’s toys as well. It’s important to thoroughly destroy those germs so they don’t end up ruining the peace and harmony of your home.


Life Cycle of Germs: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses On Toys

When germs, like bacteria, fungi and viruses choose to live on your children’s toys, they all have different lengths of time they can survive on surfaces. Bacteria and viruses have the shorter life cycles of the three. Viruses tend to last much longer due to their viral components. Just as a virus is more difficult to kill inside the body, it’s more difficult to kill outside of the body as well.


How do I clean my kids’ toys?

You can safely clean and disinfect many of your children’s toys – from plastic toys to video games to iPads with a diluted bleach solution. Many plastic toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher and you can wash stuffed animals in hot water in the washing machine (dry thoroughly to prevent molding). However, bleach is very caustic and can degrade many types of plastic and should never be used on electronics. Remote controls are often heavily soiled and are very hard to clean thoroughly so germs are an ever-present challenge on these devices. Special care must be taken to ensure they are well disinfected and not a vector of germ transmission.


How Zoono Can Help Your Kids’ Toys Be Germ, Bacteria, and Virus Free

Even after you have cleaned and sanitized all those toys and other items, germs and bacteria that are not killed begin to colonize again immediately and each time they are handled, new germs are reintroduced and they multiply quickly to reinfect these items.  That is where Zoono comes in!

The Zoono technology deals with germs in a completely new way – Zoono permanently bonds to the surfaces to which it is applied and physically kills them by laying down a bacteriostatic barrier / defensive layer on surfaces providing up to 30 days of defense against a broad spectrum of microbes. What’s more, Zoono is water-based, less toxic than Vitamin C and safe to use on high-touch surfaces like toys.


The Zoono technology is destined to change the way we deal with germs forever.

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