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OUR NEWS STOCK EXCHANGE LISTING Zoono Group Limited (Goldsearch Limited) is seeking to re-comply with Chapters 1 & 2 of the Australian Stock Exchange Listing Rules and be re-admitted to the Official List of on the Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) under the...

Is it Safe for Your Kids to Use Hand Sanitizers 400x250 - NEWS

Is it Safe for Your Kids to Use Hand Sanitizers?

Many people consider hand sanitizer to be a wonderful addition to their lives. They carry these tiny bottles in their purses, backpacks and diaper bags for times when soap and water are not available. However, some hand sanitizers can pose a risk to children, which is...

Antimicrobial Solutions What Does It Mea 400x250 - NEWS

Antimicrobial Solutions: What Does It Mean?

Antimicrobials slow or kill the production of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoans. Antimicrobial products are used in homes, workplaces and public facilities to stop the spread of illness. The most common areas these agents are used include...

Traveling Tricks How to Avoid Unwanted Germs 400x250 - NEWS

Traveling Tricks: How to Avoid Unwanted Germs

Do you love to travel? As relaxing as it can be, vacationing also opens up the door to many, many germs. In fact, when you visit new places, you are exposed to a wide range of new bugs and parasites that aren’t in your natural environment. The longer you travel and...

Germ Alert The Top 5 Public Places With The Most Germs 400x250 - NEWS

Germ Alert: The Top 5 Public Places With The Most Germs

The average adult can touch up to 30 household items in a single minute! Can you imagine how many things people touch when they are out in public? Between restaurant menus, condiment containers, and public bathrooms, there are some very disgusting places on this...

Is There Really Poop On My Phone 400x250 - NEWS

Is There Really Poop On My Phone?

Most people today have a very deep personal relationship with their mobile phone. We have it with us all day long, hold it to our faces and treat it lovingly given it is the tether to things that are important to us. However, according to the London School of Hygiene...

How Long Do Germs Live On Toys 400x250 - NEWS

How Long Do Germs Live On Toys?

Being the Best Parent You Can Be When we have kids, we want to be the best parent we can be. Looking out for your kids by ensuring their favorite toys aren’t covered in germs is a great step toward being the best parent you can be. Germs, such as bacteria, fungi and...

Germ Protection Clean vs Sanitize vs Disinfect 400x250 - NEWS

Germ Protection: Clean vs Sanitize vs Disinfect?

What Does It Mean to “Clean”? To clean, or not to clean, that is the question. The concept of cleaning is a relative one for which there are no regulated standards. Something can be rubbed clean, or it can be “cleaned” with water or it can be cleaned with a cleaning...

Smells Sickness and Sports How Zoono Helps 400x250 - NEWS

Smells, Sickness, and Sports: How Zoono Helps!

”What’s That Smell?” As a parent of kids, that question above is likely asked more often than not... This is why Zoono provides a solution to the ever-questioned smells lingering in your kid’s sporting equipment. Our sport microbe shield solution provides the best...

Zoono is the Solution to Your Cruise Line Woes 400x250 - NEWS

Zoono is the Solution to Your Cruise-Line Woes

An All-Around Product for an All-Around the World Trip When you’re first starting to plan your dream vacation, many vacation-seekers will flock to cruises. The idea of cruising around the world from exotic country to exotic country is extremely appealing. It’s as if...

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