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Company Overview

Zoono Group Limited is a Public Company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: ZNO), specialising in the development, manufacture and global distribution of a suite of unique, highly effective, long-lasting antimicrobial products that have a distinct competitive advantage.

Zoono Group has developed (and owns) a wealth of Intellectual Property based around the “Zoono Molecule” – it’s a unique antimicrobial molecule that bonds to any surface (including hard surfaces, textiles, fabrics, skin etc).Best of all, it has proven efficacy and longevity – it does not leach and cannot diminish in strength.

Today, Zoono Group has established a global network of customers and distributors spread across many countries and territories. As the market leader in its field, Zoono Group continues to develop new products and industry applications via a strong base of scientific, technical and training support.


Mission Statement

Zoono Group, through a strong foundation of research and development and the use of innovative technologies, is dedicated to providing a range of trusted, high quality, long lasting and durable antimicrobial solutions for protecting surfaces, skin and textiles in the commercial, industrial, health, and residential environments.

Zoono Group is committed to building an industry leadership position in specific market segments where Zoono has a clear competitive advantage.


The foundations of the Zoono technology can be traced back to the 1910’s, and then developed further in Germany to prevent the build-up of algae on the hulls of submarines and ships to make them more fuel efficient through the water.

In 2009, CEO Paul Hyslop incorporated Zoono Group Limited after identifying other fields where this technology could be effectively applied. However, the base technology would still have several inherent problems, including a methanol stabilising agent, short shelf life and the reduction of efficacy outside a relatively small temperature window.

As a result of re-engineering the technology with guidance by chemists and scientists in California and New Zealand, Zoono products now have a shelf life of approximately 3 to 5 years. In addition, sanitisation methods maintain efficacy over a wide temperature range, while Zoono products are now water based.

Zoono today is the 9th generation of the Zoono® technology and provides the antimicrobial protection that continuously kills after applied. Zoono is suitable to use around people, pets and plants alike.

Technology discovered by German scientists.

Developed as a textile additive but heavily stabilised in methanol.

Technology refined further.

Re-engineered into a water based product but with a low shelf life.

Zoono established in NZ. Developed into a 9th generation. Highly effective against bacteria and viruses.

TGA, NZFSA and AsureQuality listings gained in Australiasia.

Rollout of Zoono global distributor network.
Development of retail brands. Shelf life of 3 years achieved.

Zoono products now sold in 20 countries.

United States FDA & EPA listings and Registrations.

More global regulatory approvals gained.

Zoono was listed on the ASX

Newly branded retail range launched.
New products now available globally via online store.

Our Team

Paul Hyslop

Managing Director / CEO

Mobile: + 64 21 659 977

Paul’s primary responsibility, in conjunction with the Board, is to determine the strategic direction of Zoono Group. This includes identifying global sales opportunities, increasing revenues, meeting profit targets, identifying new customers and distributors, negotiating distributor and customer contracts, plus new product and brand development.

Paul Ravlich

Chief Financial Officer

Mobile: +64 21 075 9176

Paul has substantive financial and operational experience with start up’s, small and large companies in a variety of industries. Paul has held positions of CFO for The Radio Network, Head of Finance for Middlemore Hospital, one of New Zealand’s largest Hospitals, and CFO for a NZX listed Company in the Energy business involved in manufacturing and export, Paul also held a position as Head of Banking – Finance for Westpac, New Zealand. Paul is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA from Massey University.

Lew MacKinnon

Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: + 64 276 525 299

Lew is responsible for the ‘day to day’ operation of Zoono. This covers all facets of the business – including Distributor liaison and training, the maintenance of the Zoono IP inventory, IT and social media.

Paul Morrison

General Manager for Australia & New Zealand

Mobile: + 64 21 934 938

Paul’s primary responsibility is to complete the regulatory process for Korea and Canada and to then develop a market specific, sales and marketing plan for each territory.

Jamal McCleary

General Manager for UK and Europe

Mobile: + 64 21 800 154

Jamal’s primary responsibility, is to maintain and support the distribution and sales network across UK and Europe while identifying and actioning further opportunities for growth. To build a robust, solutions minded collaborative team to support the Zoono UK and Global strategic plan.

Lloyd Johns

Business Development Manager for Asia

Mobile: + 64 21 121 2084

As Director of International Sales, Lloyd Johns is responsible for the overall management of Zoono sales primarily in the Middle East and Asian markets.Lloyd has extensive experience in sales and marketing, exporting and importing and corporate financial services and has been directly instrumental in transacting property and corporate restructuring deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars.He has managed substantial investment funds and significant property portfolios both in New Zealand and in the United States and Canada running a committed team of professionals. relationship with regulators.

Michael Wu

Business Development (China)

Mobile: +64 21 241 330

Michael is responsible for the development of Zoono brands throughout China, Hong Kong and Macau. He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Dennis Montgomery

General Manager (Middle East & Africa)

Middle East: +971 50940 2903
UK: +44 7838 932 151

Dennis has been working with Zoono for 5 years and has lived in Dubai for 13 years. His main role is to develop dealer networks throughout the Middle East and Africa, and identifying and qualifying new distributors globally and negotiating distributor and supply agreements on behalf of Zoono. Dennis assists with Zoono global strategy assisting distributors to develop their business plans. His role also includes training and assisting Distributors with high level presentations.

Alexander Anderson

Business Development (Singapore)

Mobile: +60 12 628 1120

Alexander is responsible for Zoono’s brand development in South East Asia (SEA) and internationally via special project avenues. He has been active in SEA now for over 15 years specialising in Corporate Finance and Advisory work with special strengths in capital raising services and business development work representing and promoting ASEAN companies/corporates, their products and services to the emerging growth markets of the ASEAN region, West Africa and the SADC member states. In addition to this Alexander has extensive experience focussed on developing new markets and non-traditional sales avenues for FMCG’s. He has organised high level investment/trade missions inclusive meetings with top ASEAN banks and Malaysian Minister’s for Trade & Industry and Agriculture with foreign counter parts and enjoys strong contacts and relationships in industry, finance and government.

Pip Hobson

Marketing Manager


Pip is a commercially-driven marketing professional with over 10 years’ experience in FMCG and digital marketing. After graduating from the University of Auckland, Pip went on to successfully represent market-leading brands for large multi-national businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Pip recently assisted with a commercial project developing one of the most advanced production lines in the world for a well-known NZ business.