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Our Business

Our parent company, Zoono Group, is a leading expert in antimicrobial protection listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:ZNO).

Zoono specializes in the development, manufacture and global distribution of a unique range of long-lasting and environmentally friendly antimicrobial solutions.

Over the past 5 years, Zoono has developed a suite of proven products that enable our customer’s partners and distributors to realize and maximize both revenue producing and commercial opportunities.

Zoono Group has developed, and owns, a wealth of intellectual property based around the ‘Zoono Molecule’. A unique, antimicrobial technology that bonds to any surface and is effective against bacteria, algae, fungi and mold. It has proven efficacy and longevity, it does not leach and cannot diminish in strength.

Today, Zoono Group has established a global network of customers and distributors that are spread across 42 countries and territories.

As the market leader in its field, Zoono Group continues to develop new products and industry applications via a strong base of scientific, technical and training support.


We are leading the way in antimicrobial technology innovations. Zoono’s unique technology is:

  • Highly effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms and protects long after the product is applied.
  • Proven by over 100 independent laboratories.
  • Water-based formulas is easy to use on a wide range of surfaces, does not degrade and has the lowest toxicity profile by all routes of exposures.
In addition to an extraordinary suite of products, Zoono is also unique because:

  • Zoono Microbe Shield has a Federal EPA registration and state registrations in 50 States plus Puerto Rico.
  • Zoono Antiseptics are FDA registered.
  • We have the manufacturing capacity to produce over 3 millions Litres a day of product.



Global Managing Director / CEO (NZ)


General Manager of "The Americas"


Operations Manager


E-Commerce/Inside Sales


Administrative Assistant/Inventory Mgt


Zoono’s head office is in New Zealand. Manufacturing facilities are located in New Zealand and the United States of America. Authorized Zoono representatives are available around the world to assist you.


In 2008, Paul knew he held onto advanced antimicrobial technology that could have the potential to drastically improve the lives of billions around the world. Today he speaks proudly about Zoono, the new range for consumers and the evidence supporting Zoono’s effectiveness which come in the form of independent laboratory testing that Zoono has been collecting since the beginning.