Zoono is a technology that comes from New Zealand and is a water-based formula that is not only safe to use (no harsh chemicals), it has the relative toxicity of Vitamin C*.

Zoono works differently: rather than poisoning or dehydrating germs, Zoono Microbe Shield lays down a protective barrier on surfaces that does not allow germs to grow. By treating surfaces in this way, those surfaces stay cleaner longer. In fact, treated surfaces can stay germ-
free for up to 30 days with a single application. Zoono protects surfaces with a protective antimicrobial barrier that kills germs by puncturing them rather than dehydrating with alcohol, thus preventing their ability to develop a resistance.
30 days - Surface
In and around homes there are an infinite number of germs…. Some make you sick, others appear as mold and mildew and other still as common household odors. The Zoono Microbe Shield barrier deals equally sell on all kinds of germs because it is not consumed in the process of killing the germs like many products. Better still, Zoono keeps working hundreds of times longer than traditional mold or odor control products because it forms a protective barrier on surfaces where germs like to grow.

Use Zoono Microbe Shield on common surfaces found in and around homes such as:

Bathrooms - Surface


Old Shoes - Surface

Old Shoes

Sporting Equipment - Surface

Sporting equipment

Stairs - Surface


Garages - Surface


Automobiles - Surface


Boats - Surface


Campers - Surface

Campers / RVs

Nursery Diaper Pails - Surface

Nursery / Diaper Pails

Closets - Surface


Kids Toys - Surface

Kids toys

Pillows - Surface

Pillows / other foam items

At Zoono we deliver effective ways for people to protect themselves, their homes and their businesses from everyday—and potentially life-threatening—germs. We believe in helping people stay healthy and giving them peace of mind to live life without the worry.

Zoono is a new technology that is changing the way the world deals with germs of all kinds giving you one less thing to worry about.

The more you know about Zoono, the more confident you will be in knowing that you are doing the very best for your family and your home.Read more about it here – Zoono Company Profile

*Less toxic than Vitamin C on an LD50 Basis

Gallon Microbe Shield 500x500 - Surface
Liter Microbe Shield 500x500 - Surface
250ml Microbe Shield All Purpose 500x500 - Surface

Germs Don’t Stand a Chance!

Zoono has been tested on many surfaces against numerous pathogens and Zoono has the technology to destroy all of them. From fungi, algae, and molds to bacteria and viruses, Zoono has you covered.


Interested in learning more about the pathogens Zoono protects against and supporting research?

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