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  • This past year, when that dangerous flu, h2n3, was going around, it seemed like every kid in my son's school caught it. Except my son. I used this religiously on him and we all dodged that bullet. Not to mention I hated constantly having to tell him to wash his hands. With Zoono it was no longer a problem. I swear by this stuff. Thank you, Zoono!!!

    - Michelle M., via Facebook

  • I LOVE Zoono ❤️❤️!! I was so nervous about traveling/ flying and being in Disney but was able to use so many of the products to help stay healthy! THANK YOU!

    - Tara Scarpa

  • Being a nurse practitioner, cancer patient and immune compromised, I am thrilled about this product for me and my family! The viruses this year are terrible, trust me! Anything to prevent us from getting sick... And germy hands are the number 1 culprit. Wish I knew about this product sooner.

    - Carmen, Little Silver

  • My hands have cracks from traditional hand sanitizer and constant washing but Zoono leaves my hands silky smooth.

    - Heather, Robbinsville, NJ

  • With two kids, I'm always busy with school and extracurricular activities. My oldest daughter takes ballet 6 days a week and unfortunately, a room full of young girls is a breeding ground for germs. Knowing that GermFree24 works all day to protect her, helps keep my mind at ease.

    - Summer – San Diego, California

  • With a little one, combating germs is always on my min! Usually once he gets sick, then the whole household gets sick. Never Fun! This is why I always carry Zoono Germfree24 sanitizers with me. It's one way to help keep my family germ free

    - Summer – San Diego, California

  • I can have my kids apply it before school and be protected all day - no need to nag them about applying hand sanitizer all day long.

    - Dr. Clemente – Rumson, NJ

  • Washing your hands and using traditional hand sanitizers only works until you touch the next thing. Germfree24 protects all day long with one application which is why I recommend it to my patients, family and friends.

    - Dr. Clemente – Rumson, NJ

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