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Germ Free Never Felt So Good

Love Your Kids,
But Not Their Germs.

The Best Technology For Fighting Germs and Nothing Else Is Close

Transport Yourself,

Not Your Germs.

Enjoy Your Life
Without Fear

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At ZoonoUSA, we know that technologies that eliminate germs, mold and odors do not have to be harmful to people or the planet. We also know that there is a lot of confusion regarding what it means to be “green”. To begin with, the EPA does not allow any EPA registered...

How to Reduce Flu Risk So It Is Not a Handful

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic. It has also been the most intense flu season in a decade including 97 infant deaths to date, including hospitalizations and numerous outpatient visits for flu-like symptoms (6.4%, which is above the...

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