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  • Sale!The GermFree Home Office School Kit 300x300 - The GermFree Home, Office, & School Kit

    The GermFree Home, Office, & School Kit

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    The GermFree24 Family Starter Kit

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    The Home Health Kit

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    The Traveler Starter Kit

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Changing the Way You Stay Germ Free

Traditional cleaning methods aren’t cutting it for us anymore. They have harsh chemicals and
Enter Zoono, changing the conversation about how we keep our daily lives clean. With innovative
technology and a commitment to safety, Zoono changes the way you stay germ-free.

We are committed to providing the best defense against germs on the market.
Our products are rigorously tested for effectiveness, efficacy, and safety.
Everything we do starts with our customers.

The ZOONO Difference

Zoono kills germs by creating a Defensive Shield of antimicrobial nano-spikes that destroys germs on contact. Because Zoono destroys by puncturing the pathogens, it is efficient and prevents mutation of germs.


How to Reduce Flu Risk So It Is Not a Handful

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic. It has also been the most intense flu season in a decade including 97 infant deaths to date, including hospitalizations and numerous outpatient visits for flu-like symptoms (6.4%, which is above the...

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How Long Do Germs Live On Toys?

Being the Best Parent You Can Be When we have kids, we want to be the best parent we can be. Looking out for your kids by ensuring their favorite toys aren’t covered in germs is a great step toward being the best parent you can be. Germs, such as bacteria, fungi and...

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