It’s in your hands...

Jesse Anderson @ 2020-10-21 17:23:47 -0400

Your right hand handyman for the upcoming Flu Season is here!

With the dreaded conclusion of the warm weather, winter is on the horizon and coughs, sniffles and the flu make its way to the forefront of our minds. A well known nuisance, the common cold and flu rapidly makes it way around the office and classroom, infecting everyone on its journey throughout the season. Constantly surrounded by the pest, which is the flu, you are sure to become one of its casualties sometime during the winter period.

Good hygiene is crucial all-year-round, however, if there was any time it was most important, it is definitely now! Not only are the germs from your co-workers sneeze transmitted into the air, but to nearby surfaces, giving you every opportunity to be exposed to them.

One of the easiest methods to restrain the effects of the cold and flu season, is the frequent use of hand sanitiser - perfect to kill off those unwanted infecting pathogens and microbes on the palms of your hands.

Zoono’s Body Hand Sanitiser provides 24 hour germ protection even after washing hands, protecting against 99.99% of germs.

To generate optimal protection against the small pathogens that find their way into your life - apply a generous amount of sanitiser to ensure it covers both of your hands sufficiently, followed by washing movements for 20 to 30 seconds.

Make sure you save yourself from any illnesses this wet season - use Zoono’s Body Hand Sanitiser. You will be feeling pure and sterile in no time.