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Jesse Anderson @ 2020-10-21 17:22:49 -0400

Zoono now available in AU & NZ

In the early 1900s, a group of scientists based in Germany identified a molecule which killed bacteria using physics and bonded to any surface with greater longevity. This technology was the original form of what Zoono is today.

After identifying the opportunity this revolutionary technology offered, I commissioned a major project to create an advanced long-lasting antimicrobial formulation to protect families like mine from germs. I established Zoono Group Limited in 2008 with the belief that this molecule had the potential to be applied in various other fields and areas.

Zoono technology today is best described as a 9th generation product. We have re-engineered the original technology to develop a unique formulation that kills 99.99% of germs and is great for the whole family. Zoono is stable at all temperatures, can be flown on airplanes and is alcohol/methanol free!

Our extensive range has grown from hand sanitisers to personal and home care products in the form of aerosols, sprays and foams, ensuring there is a product for everyone and their needs. Zoono products are gentle for people of all ages and skin types, utilising mechanical technology that has food safety approvals, is non-toxic and highly effective against bacteria. My confidence and trust in the Zoono range extends beyond myself, the products have been used by my wider family for years.

Aussie shoppers can now get their hands on this unique makeup of antimicrobial molecules and revolutionary technology from our online store, keeping them protected from the bad bacteria that they encounter on a daily basis.

The Zoono team and I are proud to announce our emergence into the Australian market and a live website, specifically for Australasian customers and clients. You can visit us at zoono.com.au to hear about our business and learn about the high-quality range of products we have to offer.”


Paul Hyslop
Managing Director and CEO
Zoono Group Limited